Streamlining Kitting, Preparation, and Repackaging Services for a Leading Energy Drink Brand


This case study examines the partnership between Global Warehouse Solutions (GWS) and a prominent energy drink company operating in the beverage industry. GWS successfully collaborated with the energy drink brand to optimize their packaging and logistics operations, specifically focusing on kitting, preparation, and repackaging of variety pack beverage packages. With an impressive volume of over 125,000 variety packs shipped per month, the case study highlights the strategies implemented by GWS to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the growing demand.


The energy drink industry is highly competitive, with consumers and influencers seeking unique experiences and convenience. The energy drink company realized the need to provide a variety of beverage options within specially curated packs to cater to diverse preferences. However, managing the kitting, preparation, and repackaging process internally proved to be challenging due to the high volume and intricate logistics involved. To overcome these hurdles, the company sought the expertise of GWS to enhance their operational efficiency and maintain a competitive edge.

Challenges Faced:

Prior to partnering with GWS, the energy drink company encountered several challenges, including:

  1. Scale and Volume: With over 125,000 variety packs shipped monthly, the company struggled to handle the sheer magnitude of the packaging and logistics requirements efficiently.
  2. Timeliness: The company faced difficulties in meeting tight delivery schedules, risking customer satisfaction and potentially damaging their reputation.
  3. Cost Management: Internal management of packaging and logistics operations incurred high overhead costs, affecting the company’s profitability.

Solutions Implemented by GWS:

  1. Process Optimization: GWS conducted a comprehensive analysis of the energy drink company’s existing packaging and logistics processes. They identified areas where bottlenecks occurred and implemented streamlined workflows to maximize efficiency. Through process optimization, GWS significantly reduced turnaround times, enabling the energy drink brand to meet strict delivery schedules.
  2. Advanced Warehousing Technology: GWS employed state-of-the-art warehousing technology to automate various stages of the packaging process. This included inventory management systems, barcode scanning, and automated assembly lines. By leveraging technology, GWS improved accuracy, reduced errors, and enhanced overall productivity.
  3. Skilled Workforce: GWS assembled a dedicated team of trained professionals who specialized in kitting, preparation, and repackaging of beverage packages. This highly skilled workforce, combined with efficient processes, ensured consistent quality and expedited order fulfillment.
  4. Cost Optimization: GWS implemented cost-saving measures such as bulk material sourcing, optimized inventory management, and streamlined labor allocation. These initiatives led to significant reductions in operational costs for the energy drink company.

Results and Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By collaborating with GWS, the energy drink company experienced a substantial improvement in their packaging and logistics operations. The optimized processes and advanced technology implementation resulted in faster turnaround times and improved order accuracy.
  2. On-time Deliveries: GWS’s efficient workflows and strategic planning enabled the energy drink company to meet their tight delivery schedules consistently. This enhanced reliability positively impacted customer satisfaction and strengthened brand loyalty.
  1. Cost Reduction: Through GWS’s cost optimization strategies, the energy drink company achieved substantial savings in packaging and logistics expenditures. The streamlined processes and bulk material sourcing minimized wastage and reduced overhead costs, contributing to improved profitability.
  2. Scalability: GWS’s partnership allowed the energy drink company to scale their operations seamlessly. The collaborative efforts enabled the company to handle increasing order volumes without compromising quality or delivery timelines.


The successful collaboration between GWS and the energy drink company demonstrates the significance of strategic partnerships in optimizing packaging and logistics operations. By implementing advanced technology, optimizing processes, and leveraging a skilled workforce, GWS facilitated significant improvements in operational efficiency, cost management

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