Technology in warehouse

Technology In Warehouse Management

From receiving, organizing, and managing inventory to finding, packing, and fulfilling orders, warehouse management does it all. If one step of the process is a little bit off, the whole system fails. This is why having the right technology in warehouse management is so important.  With technology always changing, it can sometimes feel like you’re…

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apparel logistics

Customer Service In Apparel Logistics

The apparel industry is a $1.1 trillion industry, and it is only getting bigger as more consumers turn to online shopping. In order to keep up with the demand, businesses in the fashion industry rely on customer service in apparel logistics.  Customer service in apparel logistics is important for your business because it ensures that…

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logistics strategy

Leveraging Data For Logistics Strategy

Today, retailers are using data to gain insights into their supply chains. This helps them make informed decisions about what products they should stock, where they should source them from, when they should order them and how much inventory they need for their store. Data is the key to a successful and data-driven logistics strategy.…

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The Functions of A 3PL Company

Third party logistics or 3PL companies are becoming more important in today’s world as the number of online retailers continues to grow. These companies provide services such as shipping, warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment. These companies are important because they help with the logistics of the ecommerce business. Warehousing is especially important for these…

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