3PL & Customer Loyalty

Globalization and increasing competition are the main challenges that 3PL providers face when trying to achieve customer loyalty. They need to be innovative and flexible to meet customers’ unique demands. An industrialized world requires a high level of optimization, efficiency, and fast service delivery.  To better understand the changes needed by 3PL providers to achieve…

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Parcel Technology

Parcel Technology Trends of 2021

The Parcel Technology trends of 2021 are going to be amazing.  In the next five years, you will see a significant increase in cloud technology. Business intelligence will show an improvement in parcel shipping from better data analysis and more intelligent algorithms.  Reverse logistics will be on everyone’s mind as companies have realized that it…

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B2B Fulfillment

Diversifying Beyond B2B Fulfillment

Whether or not you work in a warehouse, chances are you’ve heard a lot of excited chatter around business-to-consumer fulfillment in the eCommerce industry. It’s hard being kept under wraps that the demand for shipping and fulfillment in the online retail world has grown significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, on a global scale. But you…

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Building Out A 4PL Network

Fourth-party logistics (4PL) are companies that provide outsourced supply chain management services. As the name suggests, 4PLs act as an intermediary between suppliers and customers – augmenting, supporting, expanding, and running an entire company’s logistics operations. The benefits of using a 4PL network are: Reduced supply chain complexity Improved data visibility More supply chain efficiency…

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