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Global Warehouse Solutions specializes in finding solutions to fit your company’s need. Our Order Fulfillment and Warehouse Solutions are provided as a 3PL service, where Global Warehouse Solutions acts as a third party provider for your company. We handle the backend services of your business while you take care of the physical storefront. We offer a full range of services such as storage, transportation, inspection, pick, pack and repack, assembly services and more. Think of us as an extension of your company without having to micromanage every detail.

We use state-of-the-art and modern techniques with our computerized system to calculate logistics and analytics and to allow us to accurately track and manage your inventory giving you a more efficient process and faster service. Combined with our very competitive priced transportation and delivery services, it will enhance your company’s growth reducing overall expenses.

With secure facilities in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, many more locations through the East and West Coast, and strategically placed facilites over the globe, we provide the flexibility, responsiveness, reliability and personal touch needed to optimize product flow and improve storage and inventory requirements.

Our Services includes:

Warehousing and Distribution

  • We are strategically located near the seaports of Miami and Everglades.
  • We offer short or long-term storage of products palatalized, in bulk, in containers/ trailers, etc.
  • We can ship LTL & FTL orders, with quick pick up and deliveries in the Miami and nearby areas.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Consolidate, Pick, Pack, Sort, Scan, Label, Repack, Light Assembly, Segregate& Fulfillment Services

Benefits of our Warehousing Services

  • Flexibility to Meet Market Changes. Increased speed to market. Improve Fulfillment Time.
  • Support Seasonal Fluctuations/Product Launches. Online Reporting
  • Reduced Costs and Improve Customer Service

With over 350,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space can provide the short or long-term solutions to meet your warehousing and distribution needs.


Product Development - 40 Years
Manufacturing - 38 Years
Distribution - 40 Years
Receiving Storage - 25 Years
Pick, Pack and Ship - 25
Returns - 20 Years
Online Reporting - 16 Years

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